VSO's livelihoods work in Guyana is supported by our corporate partner, Accenture, and our Strategic Alliance partner, Cuso International.

Through the partnership with Accenture, VSO has received grant funding for the global project 'Making Markets Work for the Poor'. Thanks to the provision of pro-bono consultancy support and the secondment of Accenture staff to volunteer placements VSO has been able to build its capacity in key areas such as business development and knowledge management.

Cuso International is a strategic alliance partner of VSO and is one of North America's largest international volunteer-sending non-profit organisations.  We have a joint approach of engaging committed, highly skilled volunteers, placing them with carefully selected organisations where a two-way knowledge exchange has a life-long impact on the volunteer, their colleagues, the organisations and the communities in which they are based.

Livelihoods programme

VSO works through its Strategic Alliance partner, Cuso Guyana to address three basic issues confronting rural communities in Guyana:

  • the need to increase production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner

  • increasing the income of marginalised communities

  • enhancing the ability of rural people to have better control over their livelihoods.

The programme works with both government and non-governmental organisations.

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Capital city:
GDP per capita:
HDI ranking:
117 out of 187
Life expectancy:
70 years

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