VSO has been working in China since 1981, and our aim in China is to encourage more people to volunteer, both internationally and nationally.

Through our Partnership for Development programme, we help local NGOs with capacity building. We also recruit international volunteers from China to volunteer in other countries. Our social enterprise arm in China also provides training and consulting services to corporates, linking them with local NGOs and helping them develop their own volunteering programmes.

Partnerships for Development

VSO is progressively extending its NGO capacity building programme to more than 50 NGOs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenzhen and other major cities.

In each city, VSO provides training and support to local volunteering centres and NGOs, mainly in volunteer management, but also in other areas specific to the organisation. For example, a VSO special education advisor volunteer was training staff at volunteer organisations in Xi’an that work with disabled people.

Our partner organisations represent the needs of a broad range of least advantaged groups and across the development sectors of health, disability, HIV and AIDS, education, livelihood development and environment. VSO will recruit, place and support international volunteers from its worldwide pool of experts at these organisations with a primary focus on organisational and volunteer programme development.

Volunteer recruitment in China

VSO now recruits Chinese volunteers to serve in less developed countries in Africa and Asia. Since 2011, VSO has placed Chinese volunteers in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Zambia, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. This number will grow significantly over the coming years, with at least 20-30 additional volunteers in 2014 and with a focus on education, health, disability, HIV and AIDS, secure livelihoods, environment, youth and gender equality.

Find out more about VSO's Partnerships for Development programme and volutneer recruitment on the VSO China website.

Training and consulting

VSO has more than 50 years of experience in organisational development and volunteer programme management, and in establishing partnerships that work in development. We are open to share that knowledge through web based guides and best practice, through regular training events and through consulting services.

VSO in China is equipped and actively providing excellent training and consulting services to companies in:

  • volunteer programme development and management

  • volunteer management systems

  • approaches to working with social organisations

  • organisational learning systems

  • organisational leadership and development

Find out more on the Beijing VSO Consulting Services website

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