Secondary teachers

Access to education in developing countries is improving. That means enrolment figures are rising fast, and the need for qualified teachers is becoming increasingly urgent. Although our biggest demand is for primary teachers we also have roles that can harness the skills of experienced secondary teachers. These are roles which focus on child-centred methodology with serving or trainee teachers who will be working at primary and secondary level.

Roles generally range from one to two years and you'll need a minimum of three to four years' experience.

What you’ll be doing

We currently have a number of roles suitable for experienced secondary teachers based in Ethiopia and Tanzania to start in February 2013.

In Ethiopia you'll be based in a university teacher education institution (TEI) helping to coordinate and deliver a new diploma for teacher trainers, using your knowledge of student centered, participatory approaches. These placements play a vital role in making education more relevant for a new generation, helping to create a brighter future for Ethiopia's poorest and most marginalised communities.

In Tanzania you will be working as part of an exciting new programme working on improving education for girls through training teachers in inclusive methodology.

We also have a number of roles for experienced IT teachers based in countries like Ethiopia. Apply now for a February start.

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Marie Banaghan, professional development facilitator, Malawi

Maria Banaghan (Malawi - Education)

Marie Banaghan, a primary school teacher from Trim Co Meath, Ireland, volunteered with VSO along with her husband Kieran in September 2008. She currently works along Kieran as a professional development facilitator for the Ministry of Education in Malawi. Below Marie describes a typical day.