Roles for doctors in Zambia

We need hospital doctors and GPs to increase the quality and number of trained health professionals in Zambia.

VSO Zambia’s health programme aims to increase access and use of quality mother, neonatal and child health services by supporting the Zambian Government in scaling up the number of trained health professionals. Read below to learn more about the volunteer roles we are recruiting for and how to apply.

Why do we need you?

Despite the overall economic outlook of Zambia seeming to be improving, many Zambians are yet to share in the benefits as they still face socio-economic and health development challenges. Its healthcare system faces shortages of drugs, equipment and qualified personnel. Despite an increase in training of health professionals in recent years, the number of clinicians per 1,000 people is 1.21, against the WHO minimum recommendation of 2.28. 

VSO is working with the Zambian Ministry of Health to provide highly motivated and experienced doctors and clinical instructors to practicum sites for trainee clinicians. These sites have low numbers of experienced Zambian health staff. We also need medical professionals to lecture at the University of Zambia, School of Medicine and University Teaching Hospital to help develop an in-country specialist teaching faculty. The presence of VSO volunteers will also enable local health professionals to take time to continue their professional development.

Who do we need?

We have a variety of volunteer roles for doctors who have completed specialised training / Masters Degree (MMed or equivalent) in paediatrics, gynaecology/obstetrics, surgery, general internal medicine, A&E and intensive care, as well as General Practitioners. Experience in mentoring and teaching is desirable, and required for the Lecturer placements. We welcome applications from experienced doctors and consultants.

Click on the links below to learn more about the available roles:

Surgery Doctor and Clinical Instructor for Medical Licentiates
General Internal Medicine Doctor and Clinical Instructor for Medical Licentiates
General Medicine Clinical Instructor Doctor for Clinical Officers training
Lecturer – General Internal Medicine
Lecturer – Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Lecturer – Intensive/Critical Care Medicine
Lecturer – Paediatrics
Lecturer – Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor and Clinical Instructor for Medical Licentiates
Paediatrics Doctor and Clinical Instructor for Medical Licentiates

Further information

The work can be challenging and demanding, but the rewards are immense. You’ll be asked to commit 6- 12 months based on the placement you apply for.  To get an idea of what it’s like, click here to read about VSO Volunteer Haripriya Eswaran’s experience as hospice administrator at Our Lady’s Hospice in Lusaka, Zambia.

What you get?

 VSO volunteers will receive pre-departure training, return flights, sponsored visas, health insurance, accommodation, and a stipend to cover their living expenses during their placement and more.

Apply today

If you would like to be considered for these volunteer roles, please email your CV to or call on +91-11-26217459/60. Please indicate which role/s you would like to put yourself forward for in your email.

Haripriya Eswaran and patient (Zambia - Health)

How to apply

Interested in volunteering with VSO? Find out what you need to apply and begin your application process now.