Organisational development advisers

We are looking for organisational development advisers to work in organisations across Africa and Asia.

Roles are generally longer term, ranging from one to two years.

You'll have a degree in management or a related field and at least five years' senior management experience. You will also need good broad experience of organisational management, supporting and implementing change.

Countries in which you could be working include Kenya, Nepal, Sierra Leone or Uganda.

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VSO contributes to dairy processing development in Tajikistan

Viesturs (Tajikistan)

In Tajikistan many workers move to Russia in search of work and better opportunities. In the northern town of Khojand, VSO is piloting a programme of partnering with private businesses to provide opportunities for the local community. One such partnership includes Mr Mirzosulton and his dairy farm, Correct.



How do VSO placements work?

We place professional and skilled volunteers with local partner organisations, from grassroots groups to government ministries, to build their capacity and ability.