Monitoring and evaluation roles

We're looking for a variety of professionals with experience of monitoring and evaluating projects, processes and strategic programmes.

Roles are generally longer term, ranging from one to two years, but we also have occasional short term assignments for up to six months.

You'll have a degree and at least two years' experience in developing monitoring and evaluation tools (five years' for short-term roles). You also need general strategic planning, data analysis and management information systems (MIS) experience. Excellent analytical and training skills are desirable.

Your experience should include capturing data, auditing, designing and developing monitoring systems and using indicators across the performance of people, projects and programmes. Ideally you'll have experience of producing the reporting needed to drive change, or of sharing the learning needed to make improvements across a business.

What you'll be doing

When developing new programmes and projects, it's important our overseas partners are able to measure the success of their work and make it stronger. You'll be working to implement a system to do that, so improving the lives of more poor communities. You'll also share your experience and expertise with local colleagues, so the difference you make endures long after you return home.

The list of countries in which you could be working includes India, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania.


  • Example role

Please note this is just an example placement to illustrate the kind of roles that may come up in your skill area. To view our live roles, click ‘Get started’ below.

Information system manager

VSO works in West Timor to improve health care, particularly in maternal and child health. To succeed at this, hospitals need to operate efficiently and a structured organised information system will be at the heart of this. Working within VSO’s Making Pregnancy Safer project, this placement with a regional public hospital will strengthen the data management of the hospital, providing good reliable information for service planning and preparing the hospital for taking part in new government policies.

What you'll be doing

  • Facilitating an assessment of the existing hospital management information systems
  • Training, mentoring and coaching medical record staff in information management
  • Assisting the hospital in developing a work system, standard operating procedures, and workload indicators as needed for the medical record department
  • Assisting medical record staff in monitoring and evaluation

What you'll need

You’ll have at least two years’ experience in the management of data, either in a hospital or a large organisation with complex information systems. You’ll also need experience in facilitating participation, training and building capacities of others, and the ability to prepare training materials and plans. You should have experience in developing work plans, procedures, and workload indicators for information management and have experience of monitoring and evaluation. Skills in IT such as databases is also essential. In addition, you’ll need to be flexible, adaptable and have a good sense of humour.

And the rest...

You’ll be based in Kupang in a district located on West Timor, the western half of the island that is shared with the newly independent nation of Timor Leste. Kupang District consists of 27 islands, nine of which are not yet named. From the 27 islands, only five are occupied. The facilities in Kupang city are relatively easy to access and as provincial capital, Kupang city has the best access to internet facilities, entertainment options such as badminton courts and even a karaoke palace. Food is plentiful and fresh, with fruit being sold in the street.

This is an urgent placement and we’ll ask you to commit to 12-24 months to make a sustainable contribution to our development goals. In return, we’ll give you comprehensive financial, personal and professional support. We'll provide you with extensive training before your placement, and our financial package includes a local living allowance, return flights, accommodation, insurance and more. When you return to your home country, we'll help you to resettle and many of our returned volunteers stay involved with us long after their placement ends.

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Boosting local economies: building business skills in Namibia

Pratap Sinha (Namibia - Secure livelihoods)

Namibia stands to gain a great deal from international tourism, but there’s a fine line between empowerment and exploitation. Lacking the commercial skills and business infrastructure to profit from tourism, some Namibian communities risk missing out on opportunities for economic growth. VSO volunteer Pratap Sinha is working with outside investors and local people to guarantee sustainable development.



Can I apply for more than one placement?

Yes, however at the point that you accept an offer of a placement you will be withdrawn from any other applications.