IT professionals

We urgently need IT professionals to help our partner organisations.

Roles are generally longer term, ranging from one to two years, but we also have occasional short term assignments for up to six months.

You’ll have an IT or computer-related degree and at least two years’ work experience in IT. A post-graduate degree is desirable for some roles. We need strong strategic and analytical skills, plus experience in setting up and managing networks and servers, hardware and software maintenance and support, database development and web design. You’ll also have the ability to train others and develop manuals.

For short-term roles, you’ll need at least five years’ experience and familiarity with a wide variety of IT tools, including web design and development, database management, managing networks and servers, or hardware and software maintenance and support. You’ll also need significant experience of delivering training and supporting staff. Experience of monitoring systems and management information systems is desirable.

What you'll be doing

You’ll be working for an NGO or an educational or health institution to develop databases, networks, IT infrastructure and websites.

Available roles include web design, database management, IT training and ICT co-ordination. You’ll work on a wide variety of projects. You could be helping assess IT infrastructure needs and generate strategies for improved resourcing, or providing advice on policy for the appropriate use of IT resources. 

You’ll support the development and implementation of IT systems, IT infrastructure and maintenance. You’ll also build the capacity of staff in IT management skills, and train a team on IT skills and the effective use of computer software applications. You could be working in countries such as Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana or Tanzania.

  • Example role

Please note this is just an example placement to illustrate the kind of roles that may come up in your skill area. To view our live roles, click ‘Get started’ below.

IT trainer

Tanzania is firmly committed to international education targets, and education is core to its development strategy. It recognises IT as an essential tool for improving educational prospects for youths and increasing the livelihood opportunities for adults. The Jifunze project is working to bring IT skills to rural areas, where computers are still quite new at present. As an IT trainer you’ll be based at one of the project’s rural IT training centres, building the IT skills of staff and delivering IT training to school teachers so that they can pass on IT knowledge to their students.

What you'll be doing

  • Researching educational IT materials and supporting curriculum development at the training centre
  • Helping to establish a database for the centre and developing network administration
  • Conducting IT training to primary and secondary school teachers
  • Trouble-shooting and hardware/software maintenance at the centre

What you'll need

You’ll need a degree level qualification in IT or related field and have experience in IT training. The ability to teach introductory computer courses, Microsoft Word and Excel is essential. You’ll also need basic knowledge of hardware maintenance and networking. Creativity and knowledge of older technologies and systems would be useful as the computers at the centre won’t be cutting edge. You'll need to be happy to live and work in a remote area, be culturally sensitive and have a flexible approach.

And the rest...

Over four times the size of Britain, Tanzania’s landscape is vast and richly varied, consisting of extensive plains and plateaus, gorgeous inland lakes, volcanoes (both active and dormant), palm fringed white sandy beaches and of course the world’s highest freestanding mountain - Kilimanjaro. You’ll be living in rural Kibaya, a friendly small village where you’ll have the opportunity to really integrate and live as part of the community.

We’ll ask you to commit to 12-24 months to make a sustainable contribution to our development goals. In return, we’ll give you comprehensive financial, personal and professional support. We'll provide you with extensive training before your placement, and our financial package includes a local living allowance, return flights, accommodation, insurance and more. When you return to your home country, we'll help you to resettle and many of our returned volunteers stay involved with us long after their placement ends.

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