Speech and language therapists and audiologists

Speech and language roles

We need qualified speech and language specialists and audiologists to help develop rehabilitation programmes and improve the technical ability of local professionals.

Roles are generally longer term ranging from one to two years, but we also have occasional short-term assignments for up to six months.

You'll be a qualified speech therapist or pathologist with at least two years' experience working with children or adults with communication disorders (five years' for short-term placements). Experience of working with children with autism is desirable.


You'll have a post-graduate degree in audiology and at least two years' professional experience (five years' for short-term placements). Knowledge of sign language is desirable.

What you’ll be doing

Most placements have a strong emphasis on mentoring, coaching and providing on-the-job training. You might work for a ministry of health or a regional hospital, helping build their rehabilitation programmes. Or you might become part of the speech and language department at a university.

Countries where you could find yourself include Kenya and Uganda.

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Marie Banaghan, professional development facilitator, Malawi

Maria Banaghan (Malawi - Education)

Marie Banaghan, a primary school teacher from Trim Co Meath, Ireland, volunteered with VSO along with her husband Kieran in September 2008. She currently works along Kieran as a professional development facilitator for the Ministry of Education in Malawi. Below Marie describes a typical day.



How do VSO placements work?

We place professional and skilled volunteers with local partner organisations, from grassroots groups to government ministries, to build their capacity and ability.