Medical laboratory staff and scientists

We receive occasional requests for experienced medical laboratory staff and scientists to help strengthen and improve hospitals' ability to diagnose and treat their patients.

Roles generally range from one to two years. 

You'll have a degree in biomedical science, microbiology or a related field with at least two years' experience in a hospital laboratory. Ideally you'll also have experience of training or mentoring others.

What you'll be doing

Strong diagnostic facilities are essential in providing effective healthcare and fighting HIV and AIDS. In many poorer countries, general laboratory systems need improving, so that treatment for vulnerable patients can be improved.

You'll be working with local laboratory staff to improve analysis techniques and develop services. 

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Rwanda on the map of Africa

Vikas Ratanjee (Rwanda - Disability)
Vikas Ratanjee volunteered as as a district disability adviser in Rwanda. His role was to advise the Ministry of Local Government on mainstreaming disability issues in Nyanza District. He didn’t know what to expect when he arrived in the ‘land of a thousand hills’, but was very moved by the unforgettable reception he received and beautiful scenery he discovered. Here he reflects on his journey with VSO.



Where does VSO work?

VSO currently works in over 30 countries in Africa and Asia.