Horticulture adviser

We need horticulture advisers to help rural communities grow adequate food all year round and generate additional income.

Roles generally range from one to two years.

You’ll be qualified to degree or diploma level, with at least two years of experience in agricultural production and marketing, small-scale farm development, post-harvest production or agricultural/food regulations.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll provide technical training and advice to small-scale farmers to increase crops at all stages of production. Working at grassroots level, you’ll help develop crop systems, cultivation and post-harvest techniques. This may extend to working to improve quality, production and distribution.

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Empowering women after the war - Sierra Leone

Jennifer Kamara
Setting up a business from scratch is a challenge for most, but particularly so for 27 year-old Jennifer Kamara who was abducted from her village by rebel soldiers in Sierra Leone as a teenager, only to later lose her eyesight. In spite of her disability as well as the trauma she suffered during the war, Jennifer has rebuilt her life through the support of a volunteer based at VSO partner, Binkolo Growth Centre.



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