About iVolunteer Overseas

iVolunteer Overseas (IVO) is a joint initiative of ChangeX and VSO. It is programme that gives qualified and experienced Indian professionals the unique opportunity to work in countries that have a great need for their skills. The remuneration is modest that's why the term used to describe these placements is "volunteering assignments".

A volunteering assignment is an incredible avenue for both personal and professional growth. Volunteers get to hone their skills by working in challenging environments while gaining a perspective on life that is outside the reach of those safely ensconced in their conventional careers. Little wonder then, that the world over, employers are looking for candidates who have volunteered at some point in their professional life.

Until recently, it was professionals from countries such as the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Uganda and Kenya who volunteered their services. However in recent years volunteering has caught the imagination of Indian professionals. Today, Indian volunteers are recognised worldwide as being both committed and skilled workers, with IVO-recruited volunteers taking up assignments on VSO programmes.

IVO is currently looking for volunteers in the professional areas of non-governmental organisation management, business  management, health (doctors, nurses, midwives, health managers), education, microfinance, fundraising and IT training.

Latika Rani Ghosh, community health worker (Bangladesh - Health)

How to apply

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