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VSO is an international federation of member organisations that all contribute resources to a shared development programme. Our members are based in Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Ireland and the UK. We also recruit volunteers in China, India and Indonesia.

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Learning Hub

Learning Hub is a website for VSO volunteers. It's where you can find resources, support and advice to help you in your journey with VSO. You can:

  • find out more about VSO's development goals and what they mean 
  • find out about the countries where VSO works and VSO programmes 
  • get ready to volunteer with VSO or get advice and support about returning home 
  • access VSO online courses in development related topics 
  • find and share resources about development.  

Go to learning.vsoint.org

You can create your own account on the Learning Hub to access the website.

How to apply

Interested in volunteering with VSO? Find out what you need to apply and begin your application process now.